31 Day Leadership Gauntlet – Day 9 – Leadership

A song from the 1960 has been on my mind for many years. It is a timeless classic about speaking to God concerning one of the needs of the world. Jackie DeShannon’s song the, What the World Needs Now, answers the question with the word love. Her response is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of. This was true in 1965 when the song was released, as it is today. I also fell in love with the Dionne Warwick’s version and the power of the message resonates with me to this day.

I am positive that the song inspired me to write a poem entitled What the world needs now is leadership. Before you laugh me off the page, listen to my rationale. What the world needs now is leadership. I am not viewing it on the same plane as the love response by Jackie DeShannon, but I do believe that effective, compassionate, servant-oriented leadership can address many of our societal ills. Already, poverty and hunger have massive resources directed to their elimination. Granted we have a long way to go, but some progress is being made. Social and moral collapses, crime and ignorance and other situations, such as ineffective systems detrimental to our way of life can be improved by effective leadership.

Everyone can make a difference. Think of ways where you can step up and flex your leadership muscle on a local level to make a difference. Read the following poem, What the world needs now is leadership, thinking of how and where you can influence a person or change your environment, one person at a time.

What the World Needs Now is Leadership


What the world needs now is leadership

A quality we need to equip

Everyone to have love at their core,

To grant us peace and turn us from war.

Lord, we don’t need someone conceited,

Who’s only out for personal gain.

Whose actions should not be repeated,

When people live in a state of pain.

What the world needs now is leadership;

Inspire us to rise when we slip,

For we are moving forward to grow

And spreading love wherever we go.

While we are carving a legacy

We seek the truth and we should demand,

That people starving in poverty,

Are fed, so that they will understand.

What the world needs now are leaders, we

See neighborhood where homes can be

Safe, where the residents do not fear,

Each other and people persevere.

We need folks in power whom we trust;

Competent and sensitive each day.

They are confident, moral and just,

While helping to show others the way.

What the world needs now is leadership

Don’t ration compassion but equip

The brave ones so that they can save one,

As we work to get the business done.

Copyright © 2020 Orlando Ceaser

 Personal Reflections


  1. What leadership actions will you take today?

  2. Where will you coach or mentor someone or deliver words of advice?

  3. Where will you lead by example?

  4. How can you serve others better?

  5. Where can you make others better and improve their situation?

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