Morning Meetings with the Master

In morning meetings I seek connection;
In sacred sessions I seek God’s will;
In prayers I request divine direction.
I read quotes and take notes.
I am silent.
I am still.

In meditation with the master,
Recalling his love from prior days;
I listen for the vibrations.
My heart beats faster,
Then slowly,
For he knows me,
As he knew the woman at the well,
The woman with the alabaster jar,
The plans He has for me
And the power of his ways.
I reflect on the force field
I detect around me,
And I fear not,
For he has found me.

His words are my performance review.
His challenges are my mid-term exams.
And when my motives are askew,
He quizzes to remind me who I am.
He blesses with the wisdom of the text.
He takes me on guided adventures;
Each morning I look forward to the next;
For each day his blessings are sure
And His inventions are new.

In morning meetings with the master
There is no formality or protocol.
In communion with my private pastor
I submit and surrender my all,
While he ministers to my brokenness,
Mentors my outspokenness,
And teaches me about openness.

In morning meetings with the master,
I sit at peace in conservation;
No reprimands or consternation;
Only a blissful conversation,
As I return to the fold
God takes hold
And reveals to me,
As He heals through me.

In morning meetings I seek connection;
In sacred sessions I seek God’s will;
In prayers I request divine direction.
I read quotes and take notes.
I am silent.
I am still.

Copyright © 2015 Orlando Ceaser
Reprinted from Daily Resurrections by Orlando Ceaser
© 2016 Watchwell Communications, Inc.

Awaken Your Superpowers – Power Share Your Way to Greatness

Awaken Your Superpowers;
Speak truth to your subconscious mind;
Your determination
Is a confirmation
Of what ancestor’s left behind.

Awaken Your Superpowers;
The shackles from your mind will fall;
Reach and claim your birthright
With wisdom and new sight,
A hero, role model for all.

Awaken Your Superpowers;
The dynasty has been concealed.
Deliver a command,
Be proud and take a stand,
As your heritage is revealed.

Awaken Your Superpowers;
For you are extraordinary.
You’ve been asleep too long,
Arise, stand up and be strong,
By any means necessary.

Awaken Your Superpowers;
Remove the cobwebs from your eyes;
Shed the interference,
Behold the appearance,
Of potential to realize.

Awaken Your Superpowers;
Snap your fingers to break the trance;
Seize your former glory;
Learn the complete story
Without fear, push hard and advance.

Awaken Your Superpowers;
Awoke with the strength to be bold;
Disregard the whispers,
Strong brothers and sisters;
To make sure the story is told.

Awaken Your Superpowers;
Ubuntu gives us energy;
“I am because, we are;”
Each person shines, a star,
Loving self and community.

Awaken Your Superpowers;
Live life as a choice to be free;
The destiny instilled
Within you is fulfilled,
When you’re who God meant you to be.

Copyright © 2018 Orlando Ceaser


The beauty and simplicity of the right structure can add balance and effectiveness to our lives. A system of routines, people and resources can inspire us and hold us accountable to complete important tasks and enable us to maximize our potential and provide greater value to others.

In Nature, all of life is organized;
The body systems’ elegant design
Rivals a universe categorized
As millions of stars in the night sky shine,
As planets in order orbit in space,
As structure keeps each object in its place.

We need structure and a firm foundation;
To set boundaries in our routines,
So we concentrate in conversations
On short term and long term and in between;
To keep us on schedule and on track,
To manage a structured plan of attack.

We have a purpose, as we run this race,
Programmed with a sequence for us to win;
There is a pattern that we must embrace;
A series of actions we must begin.
We set goals and methods to reinforce
Each goal with a checklist to stay on course.

There’s structure with diet and exercise;
Willpower and demonstrating constraint;
The flexibility to improvise;
To be creative and resolve complaints;
We need discipline, so we can abstain;
From actions that will later cause us pain.

Structure is a gift that we should enjoy.
When structure appears confining,
A well tuned strategy we should employ;
When our performance is declining.
It has a formula like a lecture,
With strength in content and architecture.

We need structure that is clearly defined;
That includes respect for authority;
To help develop our heart and mind
With excellence as the priority;
The structure will hold us accountable,
So obstacles aren’t insurmountable.

Structure will lead us to the right decisions;
Those consistent with what we want to be,
To excel and thrive with supervision,
To channel our time and energy;
Its skeletal framework will ease the threat
Of reckless actions that place us in debt.

To live comfortably within our means,
We have standards and a choice to say no;
We are not just for self, but for the team,
Interdependence is the status quo.
We use ambition as a strategy;
For the good of group and community.

We need structure in order to advance;
To study harder and perform the tasks;
Learn fundamentals before we freelance,
And give the assignment all that it asks
And know structure’s role in all we do,
As it gives us guidance to follow through.

Structure trains us to allocate the time,
So life is far less complicated,
And puts us on a path away from crime,
That’s choreographed and orchestrated;
To be on the field not on the sidelines
And functioning according to guidelines.

Structure can be seen as stimulation;
Keeping the mind engaged and occupied
Through a number of planned simulations
To grant experiences that provide
The guard rails to sustain us in our lanes;
And to fully utilize our brains.

When we master how structure should be used;
We will not easily be distracted;
Temptations will be ignored or refused
And we will no longer be attracted
To positions of mediocrity,
When it is excellence that makes us free.

Copyright © 2016 Orlando Ceaser

In Our Lifetime

Consider the things we would like to see during our time on Earth. Our contributions are welcomed, as leaders to help it happen. The In our lifetime (Remix) is available for review and preview on Youtube and for purchase on streaming and digital services.

In our lifetime

In our lifetime,
Let us pledge
To stem the flow of violence;
To have courage to stand on the edge
Of fear and shout through the silence
Of apathy and turn the tide
On racism, poverty and genocide.

In our lifetime,
Let us commit to heal
The division among the races
And issue a universal appeal
To love as a spirit that replaces
Selfishness, to release
Old information as new interactions
Help form a foundation for peace,
And heighten our sense of obligation
To change the world,
Through an imperfect nation.

In our lifetime,
We should be known
As contributors, as well as consumers;
And millennials should bond with baby boomers
On major issues whatever they may be,
Freedom, justice and equality;
And serve as activist and catalyst,
Advocate and protagonist,
To diminish, devices of division;
To challenge consensus for the best decision.

In our lifetime,
May we provide healthcare
To the uninsured masses
And make progress to share
The world’s wealth;
As compassion surpasses
The generosity of generations
Present and the past,
As biases, stereotypes
And prejudices are cast
Into oblivion, we will be content
If our life time was life
And time well spent.

In our lifetime,
May we walk across a room
And shake the hands of neighbors;
May we ask questions and not assume
That we’re entitled without labor;
And hold people accountable for their deeds,
Develop citizens who meet the needs
Of others and honor and will not shame
One’s heritage and family name.

In our lifetime,
Communities on committed patrol,
Reclaim their neighborhoods,
Their values,
Their souls.

In our lifetime,
We can approach a mountain
With the faith to move
Impediments and cope
With adversity.
We can improve the planet for posterity,
Redistributing prosperity,
And the capacity to hope.

In our lifetime,
An enormous task lies before us;
To consciously congeal
Around a greater purpose;
To be strategic as we invest
And endure the chorus
Of special interests;
To build coalitions in our zeal;
To stoke the fires of innovation
For the evolution of new ideas,
To suspend competition,
And collaborate on solutions,
To make our world a better place
For the environment and the human race.

Copyright © 2008 Orlando Ceaser

I Need a Breakthrough

I need a breakthrough,
A radical departure
From my current plateau,
To an area where endorphins flow,
In proportion to the challenges
I encounter.

I need a breakthrough,
Not incremental steps
To emancipation of thought;
But a bold new mindset to evoke
True innovation.

I need a breakthrough,
Ascending spiral staircases
To adventure;
To a domain where the air
Is different;
An elevation where
I must train vigorously
To sustain excellence
Of another kind.

I need to breakthrough
The stifling strait jacket
Of my staid routine;
To acquiesce to the audacity
To explore and find
The alternative sides
Of my capacity.

I need a breakthrough
To penetrate the glass ceilings,
To disintegrate the feelings
That the past and present
Are the best I can do.

I need a breakthrough
To build the images my mind
Has shared with me,
So that I can do
What is required to be
The type of person
I have been privileged to see.

Copyright © 2002 Orlando Ceaser
Reprinted from Leadership Above the Rim

What Will You Be Known For?

What will be your monument,
That you were discontent,
And mired in constant acts
Of complaining?
That you started projects
But had problems sustaining
The momentum to their completion?
Will they give points or credit
For additions of faith and subtract
For your numerous deletions
Of attendance when your
Presence was required,
And you needed to act?

What will you be known for?
Achieving the pinnacle
Of your profession?
For the periodic lapses
Of courage, concessions
Made because you were afraid to offend;
The wasted chances to recommend
An alternate viewpoint;
When you lost your soul
And squandered the chance
To model the more appropriate role?

What will they say
Was your slant on things?
How often did you say
Can’t on things?
Was the glass
Half empty or half full?
Did you push the envelope
When you needed to pull?

What will be
Your impact on things?
Will you be known
To support or able to bring
Closure to negative forces at large;
That you rode the flow or took charge?

How will they describe you
When you experienced a fall?
Were you gracious
Or not at all?
Did you take responsibility
Or defer the blame?
Or use the challenge
To strengthen your name?
Did you go with precedents
Or question all the evidence?

Where did you stand?
Where was your heart?
Was love sweetness
Or was it tart?
Were you as a lover open wide
Or cautious as mating porcupines;
Was there something to hide?

What will you be known for?
For life you know, is keeping score?
Are you making a difference at all?
Will they read your writing on the wall
Of life and ascertain
That your presence eased suffering;
That pain was lessened
By your moments here;
And life was better
And maybe one less tear
Took a journey down a cheek,
Because you listened
And was not afraid to speak?

Copyright © 2001 Orlando Ceaser
Reprinted from Teach the Children to Dance by Orlando Ceaser

Words on a Rampage

Words on a Rampage

They are consuming everyone;
Demanding the use of common sense;
Syllables rampant and on the run
Excavating motive and establishing precedence.
Their messages to readers and hearers
Is communication must be clearer.

Words on a rampage,
Mobilizing the elements,
Sometimes with benevolence,
Sometimes with malevolence;
Sometimes with elegance
And eloquence
That stimulate intelligence.
They challenge us to read and speak
Through their prevalence
We seek uniqueness and relevance.

Words on a rampage,
Harness them and you’ll succeed;
Ride the energy of the stampede.
They will add to your vocabulary;
A potent verbal inventory;
Scale borders, boundaries
And jurisdictions;
Speaking to power,
To shower with conviction.

Words are on a rampage,
Therefore, read more,
So we can lead more,
So we will need more;
Inspect them;
Collect them;
Learn them;
Discern them;
Connect and respect them;
Ruminate, illuminate,
To address yourself
And express yourself,
The rich ensuing conversations
May lead to standing and written ovations.

Words on a rampage,
Written and spoken;
Building bridges where connections
Are broken;
Enabling us to express grief
Adequately stating our beliefs,
To pacify and comfort those
Who need condolence,
To accompany and compose
Those who suffer,
And generate ideas to buffer
Against ignorance and stagnation,
To catalyze a new generation.

Words on a rampage,
Kicking and screaming;
Adding stamina, so that dreaming
Is driven by a desire
To be inspired and forgiven.

Words on a rampage,
Through social media, Wikipedia
The images are viral,
The words help spiral the content
To the other realm,
Where the messages can
Under or overwhelm.

Words on a rampage,
To excavate the hidden;
To those mentally bedridden,
Free yourselves from the forbidden
And restricted.
Be mysterious,
Not easily predicted
And recognize the need to release
The potency of potential,
The power of peace.

Copyright © 2017 Orlando Ceaser