31 Day Leadership Gauntlet – Day 10 – Resilience

bouncing ball

Resilience is a popular attribute in business literature. It is a trait that should be cultivated in each of us to develop our mental tenacity to govern our behavior. It reflects our stamina and stability and the survival instinct within us. We should be fortified by framing a mindset to resist tough times. We are not saying that we will be challenge proof, but challenge resistant, enabling us to bounce in the presence of hard times and hard surfaces.

When we watch the evening news, we are bombarded with stories of violence and other forms of despair and negative images. They can be depressing to the extent of disconnecting our ability to see hope in these dire circumstances. Invariably, there is a human-interest story which represents triumph of the human spirit, kindness and generosity and our ability as humans to bounce back and rise above our situations. Searching for these human-interest stories on the nightly news will reveal heartwarming examples of resilience

This trait of resilience is what enables us to have that bounce back ability in the face of adversity. Look for instances around you where you can draw from the resilience of others and activate resilience within you.


Your enemies planned to trounce you

And claim victory in the rout.

They were ready to announce to

Everyone, they took you out.

They wanted to dim your brilliance

So, they created what amounts

To a test of your resilience;

To hold you down for the count.

It’s a set-up, but don’t let up;

When you are shoved, thrown to the ground.

Time it perfectly and get-up,

You must rebound, you can’t stay down.

Be elastic, times are drastic,

As predators prepare to pounce.

You must be enthusiastic;

Stop, drop and roll and then you bounce.

You must be intact on impact;

Plan to repel, so when you fall;

You will react and on contact;

You will bounce like a rubber ball.

When pushed and ambushed pay the toll;

For pound for pound and ounce for ounce;

You are mentally in control;

Get ready, get set and then bounce.

Copyright © 2018 Orlando Ceaser

Personal Reflections

  1. Have you developed the habit of watching human interest stories?

  2. Reflect on an episode where you demonstrated resilience when you thought you were down for the count.

  3. What techniques do you use to pick yourself up?

  4. What part does faith play in your bounce back ability?

  5. Visualize a moment where you surprised yourself by being resilient.

  6. How have you or how can you pass the trait of resilience on to others?

  7. Take the time today to encourage someone who is going through a hard time, to develop their resilience.

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