31 Day Leadership Gauntlet – Day 8 – Simplify

We spoke earlier in the week about the value of structure. Because of the amount activity that is thrust upon us, we must develop the organizational skill to streamline and simplify our workload. We must acquire the ability to simply.

In professional basketball, there is a discussion around workload management. Some players, for a variety of reasons, need a strategy around the number of minutes they play in a game. Their concern is their availability to be more productive in the playoffs. This translates to our workplace, by saying there are only so many things we can do.

One of my mentors was a manager in procurement. One day his manager told him that he had to take on a special project which would demand 30% of his time. He asked, what 30% of his current job responsibilities must be eliminate. He knew that he could not be all things to all people and that he could not manage his current workload plus an additional 30%. There was a need to simplify.

Simplification involves procedures, projects and time allocated to people and programs.

It also impacts the stress and pressure we face daily. When we simplify, we have more time and quality with individuals who mean the most to us. We can focus on that which is most, on the things that matter most. When we simplify, we can pay attention to our health and well-being and our relationships. When we simplify, we create a structure and the mean for success. In our personal and professional lives.


The world is slowly getting next to me,
The elevation in complexity;
Few things contract while many more expand,
As matters get rapidly out of hand.

While undulating in windstorms of stress;
They’re inundating me with more work than less.
I hear a barely audible cry,
A whisper to slow down and simplify.

We move in the fast lane and at these speeds,
Too hurried to address another’s needs.
I glance at headlines as I rush to meet
The deadlines and details as I compete
In a world that exceeds to multiply,
When it’s more efficient to simplify.

Too many struggles are coming my way
I have to juggle more items each day.
I wonder openly, how long can I
Keep driving myself and not asking why,
Collapsing my life and rushing to die,
When I have the power to simplify.

So much to schedule, so much to track.
I can’t let my head rule when under attack,
On my emotions I must rely,
To prolong my life I must apply
Holistic strategies, so that I
Can balance my world and simplify.

Copyright © 2001 Orlando Ceaser

Personal Reflection

  1. What do you need to simplify in your work?

  2. What do you need to simplify outside of the job?

  3. Who can help you restructure your areas of responsibility?

  4. What areas or activities required your attention, but you are unable to address?

  5. What are your top priorities?

  6. Which areas are receiving too much time and attention?

  7. Who is taking up too much of your time?

  8. How can you develop them or shift them to someone else?

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