31 Day Leadership Gauntlet – Day 11 – Turbulence


We often speak of the winds of change, but never specify the velocity or direction. However, there is one thing for sure, it is responsible for turbulence. Shaking up your world may be a natural consequence of the disruption caused by change. The gauntlet of change requires that the leader must be able to navigate the currents during these times of uncertainty. This ability will stabilize their organization, calm their followers and assure them that whatever the circumstances, they will come out of the situation prepared to effectively continue their journey.

There can be seasonality about turbulence, where it is predictable and you can anticipate its arrival. However, it could be spontaneous, which requires the leader to institute earlier warning systems or scenario training to develop the proper mindset and skills so they and their people can withstand the storm. How you adapt and adopt to turbulence is critical in your success and the success of your business, organization or team.

It is truly a challenge to lead in a turbulent season, so lay the foundation to improve your agility, coordination, foot speed and balance.

Leadership in a turbulent season


Youtube: Narration


It is a challenge to lead

In a turbulent season,

But leadership must execute

When danger looms

As contaminated fruit;

When prophets of doom

As tainted mushrooms

Try to poison the multitude

With their way of thinking,

That the ship is in trouble

On the verge of sinking.

It is a challenge to lead

In a turbulent season,

To watch competitors

Who were invincible

Resort to measures

Unscrupulous, unprincipled.

While gasping for survival

And self-preservation,

They slander, spread fiction

And false allegations.

It is a challenge to lead

In a turbulent season,

When victory is uncertain

And champions lose their clout;

The naive get nervous

When the outcome is in doubt;

When the bench is untested

And the team on the floor

Is weary from the pressure

Of being accountable

For the score.

It is a challenge to lead

In a turbulent season,

When markets are immune

To traditional thought;

When experts are puzzled

Because logic and reason

Fail to explain why

The climate has changed,

And theorems taught

Yesterday are obsolete.

It is a challenge to lead

In a turbulent season,

But leaders earn their medals

At the height of the storm,

Not when the seas are tranquil.

They must use courage

And character to form

The passionate will to speak

Of winning with novel skills,

To power bold visions

And imaginative techniques.

Copyright ã 2004 Orlando Ceaser

Personal Reflections

  1. What are the greatest challenges facing you today?

  2. What are challenges that are on the horizon?

  3. What is the greatest competition affecting your industry?

  4. Challenges can also relate to people. Who is working on your last nerve and what will you do today to clarify your expectations and ensure they are on the right path to smooth sailing?

  5. Give an example of how you clarified expectations that calmed someone in a crisis.

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