31 Day Leadership Gauntlet – Day 7 – Risk taking

Our lives are consumed with risks. Living in today’s world is a risky proposition. Factors within and beyond our control surround our very existence. We cannot engage in the practice of paralysis by analysis when action is required. We need risk management skills, applied to the major areas of our lives to enable us to be successful. There are books, programs and an entire discipline around risk management that contain information to use to our advantage when there are major threats.

Regarding risk taking, I was encouraged by a manager to take manageable risks in my actions and decision-making. Developing the skill of risk-taking, in conjunction with courage and good judgment will be useful to you today.

We are faced with taking risks every day. Life is a risk-taking activity, necessary to move forward, needed for our very survival. Risk taking is also important for our growth and development, therefore cultivate the practice and skill to make you a more effective leader. You want to be your very best in the risk-taking. Remember, BEST stands for, Be Excellent Start Today. Read the We Take a Risk poem and reflect on the messages, as you navigate your daily challenges.

We take a risk

We take a risk,

For each day has warnings,

There is caution

When we rise each morning.

It’s a game of chance

When we leave the home;

There may be dangers,

That may be unknown.

We take a risk,

To a destination;

With private or public transportation;

When there’s major or minor surgery;

A planned encounter or emergency.

We take a risk,

Whenever we rebel;

When we strive for excellence to excel;

When we’re courageous and learn to question;

Challenge ideas or make suggestions.

We take a risk,

When ego makes us excessively proud,

And knowingly run with a certain crowd;

Whose objectives are objectionable;

Whose motives are questionable.

The risk is great, and the reward is small;

A gamble that could make us rise or fall;

For the consequences of an offense;

Could lead to payback, that does not make sense.

We take a risk,

When we’re lured into crime,

When we cut corners to shorten the time;

And sacrifice joy when we disobey

The words of wisdom the elders convey.

We take a risk,

To choose education;

For knowledge has a solid reputation;

Realizing there are no guarantees,

But the odds give us greater remedies.

We take a risk,

To advance a career;

To service others when their needs appear,

For each kind gesture is a souvenir;

That we listened to, a neighbor in fear.

We take a risk,

In our business deals

And savor adventure for it appeals

To our basic need to feel alive;

A jolt of power to survive and thrive.

Copyright © 2018 Orlando Ceaser

Personal Reflections

  1. What risk will you take today?

  2. What challenge will you confront?

  3. What tough decision have you postponed?

  4. What steps will you take to fully address the situation or incrementally chip away at the obstacle?

  5. Review the risks that other individuals take to gain a greater perspective?

  6. What are some of the risks taken by people in your family or individuals on the job?

  7. What were some of the risk taking by the heroes you admire?

  8. What risk will you plan to take today?

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