Pandemic Inspirations – I Need to Step Away

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 I Need to Step Away
 I need to step away from the anger,
 The bitterness and a state of outrage;
 For it is placing my soul in danger,
 And causing my spirit to disengage.
 Constant news coverage and the debates,
 On cause and effect and bending the curve;
 Isolate, but if we can’t congregate;
 We are afraid we will lose our nerve. 
 We’re adjusting and changing each routine,
 As shelter in place begins to try us.
 Keeping a safe distance to intervene;
 To mitigate the threat of the virus.
 I want to escape into a fortress;
 Though solace is only tentative.
 I must decompress and reduce the stress,
 And act in a manner that more will live.
 I need to step away and leave behind
 The carnage and the fear in my head;
 Embrace my faith for it gives peace of mind, 
 From the images and my sense of dread. 
 Lifesaving procedures like washing hands,
 As we are focused and adept today.
 I must keep my distance and understand,
 As I pray and obey shelter and stay,
 Is this a reset or a correction,
 To show what we can or cannot control;
 Will we establish a new direction,
 Committing each life to a greater goal?
 When this pandemic is overturned,
 Remember the good that we are seeing.
 We will emerge with many lessons learned;
 On how to be better human beings.
 I know I must step away from the ledge,
 For it seems that I’m walking a tightrope;
 To renew my strength for I made a pledge,
 To lead with optimism, grace, and hope.
 Copyright © 2020 Orlando Ceaser

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