Pandemic Inspirations – My God Will Not Fold

During times of uncertainty, when we are uncomfortable and cannot accurately predict our circumstances, we strengthen our resolve through faith. We find comfort in the shelter of our faith and the Holy Father in which we live and move and have our being. A key element of God as our fortress is the belief that He will not fold, fall apart, or crumble in the face of present and impending danger.

My God Will Not Fold

When things are too hot;

When things are too cold;

I feel like a dot,

Too small to behold.

It’s during these times

My heart is cajoled

With psalms for my doubt;

My God will not fold.

At times I’m frightened,

But I must insist,

To be enlightened

And next on His list.

When God made me whole,

My spirit enrolled.

It’s well with my soul.

My God will not fold.

Personal problems,

May yet beset me;

If I’m struggling,

My God might let me

Learn from the hardship,

And then set me free;

When I was drifting,

My God came for me.

God through the ages

Has always been true;

Faithful through stages

Of what we go through.

He was there for me

And I felt consoled,

My God was with me;

My God will not fold.

No, God will not fold,

When things are too hot

Or when they run cold.

I know he will not

Break down, and His love

To the young and the old,

Gives strength and I’m told;

My God will not fold.

When my composure’s


Relationships are

Not generating

Kind words from my lips.

I am unstable

And losing my grip,

But God is able.

When things are too hot

Or when they run cold,

I’m sensing the plot,

As long as I hold

His hand in my hand,

I’m anchored and bold,

For He helps me stand;

My God will not fold.

Copyright © 2019 Orlando Ceaser

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