31 Day Leadership Gauntlet – Day 25 – Disappointment

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How do you respond when things don’t go your way? When disappointment is your payment for living a good life, working hard and following the rules, how do you overcome? When the promotion you expected is postponed if not rejected and hope is difficult to manage, and your confidence in damaged, how do you proceed?

How do you pick up the pieces when expectations are shattered, everything that mattered in that moment is discarded, as your opinions are disregarded, how do you position yourself to win? This question and equivalent inquiries will challenge you, as we continue to live a life that makes a difference.

Cancer patients, who overcame adversity, and other people who are struggling with or have overcome against all odds, will tell you something similar. When they came out of the tunnel, life streamlined their purpose and they emerged from the funnel, after escaping from what seemed like hell, they grateful with being granted, a greater story to tell.

A story of victory, emerging from the fire, being at death’s door, but claiming success. They will tell you how they fought a hard fight and although fatigued, they pressed on for themselves and especially for those who were watching. They will tell you that faith and determination guided them, and although they had reservations, the truth that God would set them free became their reality.

When you feel you’re at the bottom of the well, you may be disappointed, your life may seem disjointed, but you are anointed. And when you feel you at the bottom of the well, keep climbing, for you will reach the top, with a greater story to tell.


A Greater Story to Tell

When you reflect on hurdles in the race;

The many times you stood after you fell.

When you think of dreams you’ve chased

And replaced

They give you a greater story to tell.

With struggles intense and continuous

Life buckled your knees, but your back was straight.

The footing was unsure and strenuous,

But you managed through faith to challenge fate.

You wonder why circumstances are hard,

But remember the woman at the well;

His living water made her disregard

Her plight with a greater story to tell.

The magnitude of His majesty smiles

On those who ask for wisdom in the storm.

To pray for optimism in your trials

For mercy, grace and the strength to perform.

If you will seek you first the kingdom of God

Within you the Holy Spirit will dwell.

His joy will guide your footsteps as you trod

Through life with a greater story to tell.

As subjects of the omnipotent King

With blessings unmatched without parallel;

Amazed we find, in our suffering,

There’s often a greater story to tell.

Copyright © 2013 Orlando Ceaser

Personal Reflections

 Please think about hurdles you are facing.

  1. What is the greatest disappointment you had to overcome?

  2. How did you do it?

  3. Who helped you wrestle with this challenge?

  4. Discuss how you have shown strength in your current circumstances.

  5. What are your practices, routines, disciplines to stay connected with God?

  6. Who are you fighting?

  7. How has your story become greater?

  8. How are you using your trials and disappointment to influence, role model and help others?

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