31 Day Leadership Gauntlet – Day 3 – Follow through

Continuation plays an important role in our development. It is the ability to start something and stay with it until it is finished. In sports, there is a motion initiated, whether it is a swing a golf club, a baseball bat, the stroke in basketball or a strike in soccer, follow through is essential. Follow through is a crucial obligation to excellent performance.

Dr. Larry Van Such, DC, BE in his book Baseball Swing Mechanics lists five categories of a successful swing. They are, The Stance, The Loading Phase, The Timing Mechanism, The Launching Phase and The Follow Through. “The follow through takes us from the contact point the ball to the natural ending of the swing.”

The initiation of a motion or a project is apparent in many areas of life. Your commitment to start anything of value must have a follow through element attached to it. Your success in the art of the follow through will have an enormous impact on your relationships, results and reputation.

Follow through

You find excitement and satisfaction,

With passion and focus that is intense;

Performing actions, despite distractions.

Shouldering the standard of excellence,

You concentrate fully on what is new;

The fault is not focus,

But follow through.

A multitude of items on your plate,

Activities to plan and organize.

You are invigorated and relate,

And pollinate, while you prioritize;

There are many tasks under your purview.

The fault is not focus,

But follow through.

A flurry of interests will flood your mind.

Accelerated thinking speeds produce

Amazing energy that is designed

To be harnessed for its maximum use.

The fact you are misunderstood is true,

The fault is not focus,

But follow through

Time spent on numerous obligations,

Run the risk of compromising results.

You must streamline daily operations,

And use self-discipline, so each impulse

Will finalize projects, so revenue

Increases attention

To follow through.

Patience and stamina along with grit,

Are critical in solving equations

But one value is a prerequisite;

A staple for every occasion;

The secret substance strategy

That is the glue

To holds things together,

Is follow through.

Copyright © 2015 Orlando Ceaser

Excerpt from the poem Follow through from the book Leadership Greatness Through High Performance Poetry

Performance Reflections

  1. What are your priorities?

  2. Are you spreading yourself too thin?

  3. How do you ensure that all projects are on schedule to reach the end objective?

  4. What tracking mechanism do you have in place?

  5. What receives our attention is what gets done. Are we emphasizing the correct things?


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