Words on a Rampage

Words on a Rampage

They are consuming everyone;
Demanding the use of common sense;
Syllables rampant and on the run
Excavating motive and establishing precedence.
Their messages to readers and hearers
Is communication must be clearer.

Words on a rampage,
Mobilizing the elements,
Sometimes with benevolence,
Sometimes with malevolence;
Sometimes with elegance
And eloquence
That stimulate intelligence.
They challenge us to read and speak
Through their prevalence
We seek uniqueness and relevance.

Words on a rampage,
Harness them and you’ll succeed;
Ride the energy of the stampede.
They will add to your vocabulary;
A potent verbal inventory;
Scale borders, boundaries
And jurisdictions;
Speaking to power,
To shower with conviction.

Words are on a rampage,
Therefore, read more,
So we can lead more,
So we will need more;
Inspect them;
Collect them;
Learn them;
Discern them;
Connect and respect them;
Ruminate, illuminate,
To address yourself
And express yourself,
The rich ensuing conversations
May lead to standing and written ovations.

Words on a rampage,
Written and spoken;
Building bridges where connections
Are broken;
Enabling us to express grief
Adequately stating our beliefs,
To pacify and comfort those
Who need condolence,
To accompany and compose
Those who suffer,
And generate ideas to buffer
Against ignorance and stagnation,
To catalyze a new generation.

Words on a rampage,
Kicking and screaming;
Adding stamina, so that dreaming
Is driven by a desire
To be inspired and forgiven.

Words on a rampage,
Through social media, Wikipedia
The images are viral,
The words help spiral the content
To the other realm,
Where the messages can
Under or overwhelm.

Words on a rampage,
To excavate the hidden;
To those mentally bedridden,
Free yourselves from the forbidden
And restricted.
Be mysterious,
Not easily predicted
And recognize the need to release
The potency of potential,
The power of peace.

Copyright © 2017 Orlando Ceaser

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