One More Day

Each day we are reminded of the terminal nature of life, its beauty brevity, the challenges and charity, the time we can recall, but not recapture. It is during these times we wish that we can have one more day with a loved one, a dearly departed friend or relative. Therefore, we should embrace the moments and be thankful for what is currently one more day, one day at a time. 

One More Day

They see their health is failing;
And laboring as they breathe;
Powerless and frightened,
Need to be enlightened,
Their struggling to believe.

Their whole world is condensing,
And silently as they pray.
Sad thoughts enter their heads,
They fear what lies ahead.
They want at least one more day.

One more day to stop sailing
Quickly through life to explore
The joys and devotion
Of fun-filled emotions
And strive to love others more.

To confront each circumstance,
To cherish time and to dance,
To laugh more and to care,
To live and be aware,
And relish a second chance.

While sick, lying in their bed
There’s so much, they want to say;
They want to open eyes,
Surprise the next sunrise;
And grateful for one more day.

At least one more day for peace
To build their relationships;
And options to repair
The damage that is there
From words, spoken from their lips.

At least a day to address
Shortcomings and some regrets
And build up convictions,
Work on their addictions;
And help some, they have not met.

Someone is at a bedside.
Someone is drifting away.
Man’s born, a brief sojourn;
The people are forlorn
Knowing they will mourn someday.

One more day for more healing;
Postpone fate as they delay
The inevitable,
Is unforgettable,
They need at least one more day.

Copyright © 2018 Orlando Ceaser

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